We are Mississippi’s state Chapter of Veterans for America First (VFAF), also known as Veterans for Trump . The organization was established in 2015 as a grassroots movement to support Donald J. Trump’s campaign for the presidency. Admiral Chuck Kubic is credited by Steven Bannon and Corey R. Lewandowski as being the original leader of the movement. The VFAF Organization was founded by Joshua Macias to focus on veterans’ issues and promote secure borders. In 2020, VFAF was invited to Mar-a-Lago for Donald J. Trump’s announcement to campaign for the 47th President of the United States, and President Trump subsequently endorsed the organization’s 2024 presidential endorsement on his Truth Social platform. As part of the Trump 2024 campaign coalition team, Veterans for Trump continues to advocate for veterans’ issues and promote the America First agenda.


Mississippi Veterans for America First is the 7th state chapter of the VFAF (VFAF.ORG) organization. At Mississippi Veterans for America First (MSVFAF), our primary goal is to champion the issues that impact our hero community, including employment, healthcare, and housing. We are dedicated to advocating for policy changes that enhance support for military, veteran, and first responder families, safeguarding American freedoms and liberties. We deeply respect the sacrifices made to ensure our nation’s safety and are committed to providing veterans and first responders with the necessary support and resources for their well-being. By focusing on these crucial issues, we believe we can contribute to building a stronger and more resilient America rooted in service, honor, and integrity.

In our Mississippi state chapter, we are actively mobilizing voters across the state to rally behind President Trump and other candidates who embrace the America First platform. Our aim is to energize like-minded individuals who prioritize job creation, border security, and the protection of American workers. By promoting the values of America First, we strive to inspire a strong voter turnout in support of candidates who share our vision for a prosperous and united America. Together, we can make a difference and shape a brighter future for our nation.

The video below was produced prior to the 2020 Presidential election and highlights our core beliefs. 

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